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  • Époque: 1900 à 1960
  • Sujet: Expedition, Alaska, Ornithology, Geography
  • Reliure: Relié
  • Lieu de publication: washington d.c.
  • Éditeur: Smmithsonian Institute
  • Nom de publication: HARRIMAN ALASKA EXPEDITION
  • Date de publication: 1910
  • Lots: Non
  • Langue: Anglais


For connoisseurs only!


vol.II, 1910

Beautiful and unique copy coming with 6 original drawings (watercolor) of birds, dates 1899, located, etc.


Edward Henry HARRIMAN, William H. DALL (& al.), 1910 (FIRST EDITION),

"HARRIMAN ALASKA SERIES VOLUMES II. History, Georgraphy, Resources by William H. Dall, Charles Keeler, B.E. Fernow, Henry Gannett, William H. Brewer, C. Hart Merriam, George Bird Grinnell and M.L. Washburn". Smithsonian Institution, publ.n°1991, City of Washington, 1910. 1 illustrated large 8vo volume, various coloured or b&w photographic plats, illustrated plates in chromolithography, etc, original green cloth, stamped in gilt. First Edition. Good to very good condition, no foxing, a few pages or plates slightly splitting..

EXCEPTIONAL AND UNIQUE COPY, including 6 ORIGINAL HANDWRITTEN DRAWINGS or SKETCHES (watercolors) on thin papier sheets, obviously drawn during the expedition by one of the member of the expedition (from is personal booknote?), all incicates to be Louis Agassiz FUERTES*

Please see for yourself on pictures (as well as the handwrittings that seems to match with Agassiz's, the dates and locations when indicated).

The 6 original sketches :

1. Tuffed Puffin, Horned Puffin

2. Horned and Tufted Puffins

3. Kachar Pine Grosbear, Pinicola enucleator flammula Kachar, Juli 1899, Male

4. Long tailed jaegers...

5. Harlequin Duck/Histrionicus Histrionicus, Glacier Bay, Juny 9.1899, Male

6. Sabine Gull Xema Sabrini, St. Matthew Iceland, Juli 15.1899.


Financed and organized by Edward H. Harriman, the expedition in the summer of 1899 brought a party of 25 scientists and others to coastal Southeastern and Southern Alaska, the Aleutians, and the Bering Sea. The entire series contains a total of 56 papers by various authors, notable among them John Muir, John Burroughs, George Bird Grinnell. Edward S. Curtis was one of the photographers in the group and the first 2 volumes contain 75 Curtis photogravures, as well as many by C. Hart Merriam and others. Volumes 1 and 2 include writings on History, Geography, Resources, Narratives, Glaciers, and Natives of Alaksa.

Louis Agassiz Fuertes is often regarded as one of the most influential illustrators of American ornithology. Louis was fascinated by birds from a young age, even becoming an Associate Member of the American Ornithologists Union by age 17. It was while on a Cornell University Glee Club trip to Washington, D.C. that Fuertes met with a friend’s uncle, ornithologist Elliot Coues. Coues recognized Fuertes’s potential and provided the advice and material support to encourage his scientific and artistic pursuits. It was soon clear that Fuertes would become a professional painter of birds, and after college he studied under artist-naturalist Abbott H. Thayer. Fuertes’s early works were primarily pen-and-ink work, but over time would transition to full color plates. By the 1910s his work was in high demand and it was nearly impossible to fulfill all requests. Nonetheless, his work would appear in numerous publications, including Birds of New York, and an extended series in National Geographic Magazine. Unfortunately, Fuertes died in a car accident while crossing a train passing in 1927, cutting his career short. His contemporaries described him as a sympathetic, “stimulating scientific associate,” eternally youthful, and a “boundless spirit.”

*Louis Agassiz Fuertes (February 7, 1874 Ithaca, New York – August 22, 1927 Unadilla, New York) was an American ornithologist, illustrator and artist. He set new standards for ornithological art and is considered as one of the most prolific American bird artists after John James Audubon. He made thousands of bird paintings and sketches, based on studies in nature and details from fresh specimens, that illustrate a range of ornithological works. He died in a car accident near New York, shortly after returning from an expedition to Abyssinia. His name is commemorated in two species. One is a species described by Frank Chapman as Icterus fuertesi, although it is now considered a subspecies of the orchard oriole. The other, Fuertes's parrot, or Hapalopsittaca fuertesi, was rediscovered in 2002 after 91 years of presumed extinction. He influenced several other wildlife artists after him, in addition to mentoring George Miksch Sutton. The Wilson Ornithological Society instituted an award in his memory in 1947. (more to read on : Wikipedia)

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